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Toyo kitua put in a brilliant performance to win the fourth WESPAC 2017 qualifying tournament. With the earlier announcement that Shahnaz Hirji would not be available for the world championships for personal reasons, Toyos win has earned him the second qualifying spot to represent Tanzania. The first spot was sealed by Dr Mushtak after the 3rd qualifier. The tournament which started with Toyo comfortably leading ended up with a cliff hanger climax. After the 15th game Toyo was leading by 2 clear points of Shahnaz and 3 points clear of Doc. He needed just a point to clinch the tourney but Shahnaz was in an uncompromising mood and beat him twice in succession. So the last game had both players tied on 12 points and the last game became a decider. Toyo maintained his nerves and won the tournament which earned him the second qualifying spot to represent Tanzania in the 2017 world scrabble championships. On the other table Doc thrashed Makbul three straight games to earn the second position on superior spread. Congratulations Toyo and Shahnaz for your splendid performances.


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