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1. A total of 5 qualifiers of 18 games each will be played between May 2017 and October 2017.

2, The 2 top players from these tourneys will represent Tanzania in thw WESPAC 2017 to be held in Nairobi from the 6th November to !2th November 2017.

3. To be considered for selection each player must participate in at least  4 qualifiers.

4. The sum total of ranks for the best 3 results will determine the winner. For example if player A comes out 1,2,3,1, and 1 in the 5 qualifiers then his 3 best results ie 1,1, and 1 will be counted. the sum total is 3 which is the best sum total to have.

5, In case two or more players will tie on the sum total then the number of points in these 3 tourneys will decide the winner. The one with the biggest spread will be declared winner.

6. If the players are still tied after the above 3 criteria then the TASPA ratings as at after the 6th Qualifier will decide the winner. The player with the higher rating will be declared winner.

7. In the rare event that the players are still tied after the above then the concerned players will play a decider of 5 games and the winner will be selected.

8. It is very important that players are fully conversant with the above rules. Any appeals outside the above rules will not be entertained.



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