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In this tourney players from Division 2 merged with Division 1 players. It was decided to give each division 2 player 100 points when meeting a  division 1 player. Dr Iqbal, fatema and Hasan made the best of this by taking games off several division 1 players. Dr Iqbal took a game each from Shahnaz and Mushtak. Fatema took 2 games off Mushtak. Hasan took 2 games off Toyo. As a result of this all of them gained massive rating points. Shahnaz was the worthy winner. CONGRATULATIONS TO SHANAZ , DR IQBAL, FATEMA  AND HASAN ! For detailed results and ratings please go to the links.

     WINNER                                                                                              BEST DIV 2 PERFORMER


                                                    HIGH SCORER          DOC 487  MAKBUL 452


PO BOX 20507
Dar es Salaam


+255 753 780 360